About Indoor Tanning

When you tan indoors you can control your exposure. This allows you to tan, not burn! You can tan regardless of the time of day, or the weather. Small amounts of exposure over time promote a gorgeous healthy looking tan. Indoor tanning allows for this flexibility. 

Don't Tan Dry

Healthy Skin is the foundation of a great tan. Our selection of tanning lotions are specially designed for indoor tanning. They will moisturize your skin and provide essential nutrients that help you tan faster and maintain your tan longer. 

Be prepared to show us your tanning lotion if purchased somewhere else. Lotions sold outside of our direct distributors, may contain ingredients harmful to our equipment. 

What You Will Need

Lip and eye protection is a must! Lips don’t produce melanin so it is important to use a lip balm with SPF. Our lip balm and SPF sticks are also used to protect tattoos from fading. Eyelids are too thin to provide protection, so you must wear FDA approved eye protection to prevent damage to your eyes. We offer a selection to suit your needs. Please be prepared to show proof of eye wear! We will not let you tan without it!

Tanning Tips

Start Fresh -- Exfoliate your skin to remove oils and fragrances and to expose the top layer of skin. Shave before rather than after tanning to remove dead skin cells so you tan evenly.

Instant Gratification -- It's ok to want great color now. Boost your bronze quotient with a sunless spray tan! We offer Mystic Spray Tans and also customized airbrushing! Only takes about 90 seconds and will give you a rich, deep tan that will last for a week. 

Get Vacation Ready  -- Before you jet set,  consider several tanning sessions over three or four weeks to condition and help prepare your skin.

Take a Break Before Showering -- If you use a bronzing lotion to enhance your tan, you may not realize that your lotion is working for up to four hours after application. So let your tan set in and your skin will take on a deeper, richer glow.

Maintain a Radiant Glow -- Use a gentle body cleanser, like Tiny Bubbles Body Wash & Bubble Bath by Designer Skin, that washes away impurities without drying, fading or leaving an unpleasant residue. Smooth the gel over your skin every day in the shower or bath instead of using ordinary soap or bath gel.

Extend Your Glow -- For advanced skincare protection and healthier-looking skin, use a daily moisturizing tan extender. A tan extender revitalizes skin with antioxidant vitamins that provide age defying, anti-wrinkle properties and give your skin proper hydration, vitamins, and nutrients that preserve, protect and extend your tan.

Invest In Your Yourself,  Invest In Your Tan!