Solar Flair Tanning & Salon


Shampoo, Cut and Style      $45 and up

Cut w/ Chemical Service   $35 and  up   

Shampoo & Style                   $35 and up

Deep Condition               $25 and up 

Mens  Haircut (includes shampoo)  $20  

Kids Cuts  12 & under         $15

All Over Color                $80 and up

Color Touch up              $50 and up

Partial Highlights               $85 and up

Partial Highlight Touch Up  $60 & up

Full Highlights              $100 & up

Full Highlight TouchUp     $80 & up

Additional Colors  $20

Mini Highlights                   $5 per packet

Color Correction             $100 an hour

     All prices are based on length and thickness of hair.


Manicure                                  $ 25    

Shellac Manicure                     $35

Shellac Polish (No Mani)       $30                        

Rock Star Nails                        $5 add on

Shellac Removal                       $ 5 add on

Parrifin Wax                           $ 5 add on

Polish Change                           $ 15


Pedicure                                     $35

Shellac Pedicure                        $50

Shellac Polish (No Pedi)         $35

Rock Star Toes                         $5 add on

Shellac Removal                      $10 add on

Parrifin Wax                           $5 add on

Polish Change                           $20


Eyebrow Shaping or Correction     $20

Brow Maitenance (booked every 4 weeks)   $15

Lip                                                        $10

Chin                                                      $10

Full Face                                             $40 

Underarms                                         $25

Full Arms                                            $40

Half Arms (wrist to elbow)                         $25

Full Legs                                             $60

Half Legs (ankle to knee)                           $35

Bikini                                                    $20

Extended Bikini                                  $35

Brazilian                                     $55 & Up

Stomach                                              $15

Back (Consultation Required)                                       $50

Chest (Consultation Required)                                       $50

Make Up

   Specials Effects, Costume and Bridal          Make Up

Consultation Required

Skin Care

European Facial  60 mins             $65

This deeply relaxing 12 step facial is individually customzied after a through skin analysis and will leave your skin balanced, hydrated and glowing. Gentle pore extractions, if needed. Treatment includes a hand and foot massage. 

Mini Facial   30 mins                              $45

A petite version of the European Facial. 10 of the orignal 12 steps are included. Treatment includes hand and foot massage. 

Mens Facial 60 mins                                 $65

Men have unique skin problems that require specialized treatment. Customized by Kelly, for you individual needs, it cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates for instant results! This treatment includes eyebrow maitenance and ear and nostril trimming if neccessary. 

Back Treatment  40 mins                     $45

Back Facials can be benefical in cleaning those hard to reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne and dehydrated skin. This treatement mimics many of the traditional techniques used while performing treatments for the face, and incorporates deep cleanising, extractions and purifying masks.           

30% Glycolic Peel 30 mins           $55

Glycolic acid rapidly dissloves dead skin cells. Revealing softer, smoother, brighter and evenly toned skin. Great for treating fine lines, wrinkles, excessive oiliness, acne and hyperpigmentation. *Best if preformed in a series of 6 treatments, spaced 1 week apart*

*6 Series package for the price of 5  - $275

Glycolic "Boost"                                           $10

Can be added to enzyme any facial, to boost exfoliation results. 

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